What It Can Do for You


The overall benefits of the program are greater clarity, stability, connection, joy, meaning, understanding, resiliency and empowerment in all aspects of your life. See "What students are saying..." to get a specific idea of how the program may affect you.

The tools taught in the program each have their own benefits. Together they comprise a powerful, comprehensive intuitive worldview.


Meditation & Mindfulness:

non-reactivity (calmness), stability, flexibility of temperament, ability to handle stress better, increased perception, understanding and compassion of your self, others, and situations

Outside the Box Thinking:

see into the blindspots of your own thinking process to yield fresh thinking, develop a solution-oriented perspective that creates a productive resiliency of mind


better relations with boundaries, non-attachment (or agenda-free, accepting relationships), and ultimately better treatment of yourself by others 

Deep Connection to Nature: 

sense of your place and role in the natural world, and a greater appreciation of the natural world, a stronger sense of safety in the volatile aspects of the world (lessening of existential anxiety), deeper engagement with all aspects of your physical world as teacher, knowing how to read nature rhythms and signs and work with them to maximize efforts in your life, tapping into your own instinctual power and harnessing it in a positive and productive way

Authentic Expression: 

an ability to identify and express your feelings, finding your own "voice"- the way you feel most comfortable processing your feelings, re-connecting to your creative side, reclaiming the joy of self-expression



Empathic Communication: 

practicing your non-reactive communication skills including active and attuned listening, and fearless and kind expression of your feelings, developing your leadership skills in a supportive environment, reclaiming your right to be seen in your power with respect, growing awareness of the rhythms of learning including when to be a student and when a teacher


ability to access whatever information you need, being engaged with your world on a deeper level, experiencing a wider range of feelings, perceptions, and possibilities, never feeling alone or disempowered in your world.


ability to evoke change and bring things into being, what others commonly refer to as "The Secret", what Marianne Williamson calls "miracles" and we call co-creation with the Universe.

Spiritual Maturity: 

not only the deep operational understanding that everyone creates their own reality through consciousness, but that timeless spiritual values like honesty, kindness, and faith have intrinsic value on the spiritual path, that they are not just morals left over from some old-fashioned time, but that they deliver the goods we need to navigate the challenges of daily life