Know the Divine: Spiritual Principles

Senior students who have taken levels 1, 2, and 3 know how to get information, perceive subtle energies, can read signs in their daily life, have a developed sense of empathicness, compassion, and self-knowledge, and can manifest constructive and creative change in their lives. For you to be able to navigate the rest of your spiritual journey solo, you need a thorough understanding of key spiritual values which will act like star constellations that will help you navigate through the night times of your spiritual journey. This is the final level of the Intuition for Life Program and is set up to help you attain spiritual self-sufficiency so you can leave the safety and support of the long-term program, feeling confident in your abilities to continue your journey as master of your own fate.

There are 9 learning modules with a two classes each. Each class is 3 hours. Each module will have components of hands-on learning; partner and group learning; all mixed with formal lecture and spontaneous, organic teaching in response to student curiosity and need; along with digital hand-outs (notes and quizzes). Together all the notes comprise a text book for the course. 



Module 1: Spiritual Navigation with Values: Why Values are Important, How they can be applied, How we will explore them

Module 2: Honesty-Clarity /  Lies-Illusion

Module 3: Faith / Despair

Weekend 4: Mercy-Kindness / Wrath-Cruelty

Module 5: Purity / Corruption

Module 6: Generosity / Greed

Module 7: Humility / Hubris

Module 8: Courage / Cowardice

Module 9: Other Dysfunctional Influences and How to Navigate Around Them, How to Know which Spiritual Value is Needed When




Pre-requisite: any intro class with Kate Opashinov. Intuition for Life Program Level 1, 2, and 3 highly recommended.
Format: online
Included: downloadable textbook and workbook, video tutorials, quizzes, troubleshooting database, online community discussion for help
Fee: $135+hst per module
Full Class Discount: save $315 by signing up for all nine modules! Works out to $100+hst per module
Registration & Refund Policy: Registration presently not available, but coming soon. If interested, click here and let us know to qualify for program debut promotions! Click here for detailed, complete refund policy.