Know Your World: Intuition, Energy & Meditative Consciousness

Now that you know yourself so well, learn about the way the world works through intuition and energy. Learn how you can get information on everything from finding your keys in the morning to navigating that tricky work situation, from preventing problems to creating opportunities. Find out how intuition can become a comprehensive worldview that goes way beyond information and changes your outlook to live with a maximum sense of joyful flow in your life.

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Module 1: Intro & Meditation for Intuition

Learn how to cultivate not only intuitive consciousness through mindfulness, but learn how to centre yourself energetically and how to ground in the most distracting of environments. Learn the technique to distinguish between your feelings and agenda vs. your intuition.



Module 2: Recognizing Energy 

Learn the energetic building blocks and techniques for recognizing different types of energy, essentially becoming energetically literate.


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Module 3: Empathy 

Learn how to tell your own energy apart from others, keep them separate and yet still retain your empathy. 


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Module 4: Getting Information

Learn the technique to intuitively "download" information like a zip file, a concentration of information using all your senses. Get information visually, auditorily, empathetically,and kinesthetically. Create basis for more advanced forms of perceived intuitive information like spatial, temporal, and causal. 

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Module 5: Static as Personal Evolution and as Deeper Information

Learn about what obscures intuition, what your personal intuitive blocks are, how to overcome them, and that what obstructs your intuition is actually deeper, encoded information. 

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Module 6: Interpreting Information

Learn how to interpret the different forms intuitive information takes, whether the information is about chronological order, in symbolic form, guiding, a vision, or another of the many forms the intuition can take. 

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Module 7: Ways of Getting Information 

Learn about various divination tools, their pros and cons, how to use them, which you have a particular aptitude for, and their various application. 

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Module 8: Ethics of Intuition & Spiritual Ramifications

Learn the ethics, boundaries, and appropriate use of intuition. Learn also the larger benefits and spiritual ramifications of having developed intuition now as part of your personal growth path and daily skill set. 



Module 9: Applications to Your Daily Life

Learning how to integrate intuition into your daily life and into your new expanded definition of self, and how your newly developed intuition can open possibilities for manifesting your dreams. 


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