Super Assistant


Super Assistant

Ideal for: people who want to be super assistants in the wellness field; opportunity to grow
Position available: currently accepting applicants
Apply with: resume, letter of intention, references
Work location: IC and online (so can work from home)
Work hours: flexible, part-time with full-time potential
Requirements: must have own reliable computer, internet service etc.
Payment: min.wage- $30/hr depending on how much of the below skills the applicant has  + perks (see list below)


  • fantastic attitude: eager, love learning, fun
  • ambitious: want to grow in growing organization
  • sharp as a tack (for fast-paced role)
  • hard working but low stress/drama; flexible
  • eager to help, aim to satisfy and please
  • very polite, sincere, friendly; people person

Work Experience:

  • business or spa or clinic admin
  • assistant  and/or customer service experience
  • a proven track record in a specific skill set like p.r., social media marketing, SEO, anything technical and marketing

Work Style:

  • organized
  • clear thinker
  • big thinker (can fill in blanks to accomplish task)
  • have initiative; remind us of stuff in advance, get projects started 
  • solution oriented
  • capable of prioritizing tasks
  • experience juggling a lot of volume and variety of tasks

You must also have the following specific skills:

  • excellent email client booking skills
  • exceptional web research skills
  • Apple/ Mac savvy
  • Adobe Creative Suite savvy
  • MS Office proficiency
  • Google Work proficiency
  • basic book keeping (in Excel and calendar)
  • email marketing software knowledge (Emma, Mailchimp)
  • basic web maintenance WYSYIWYG ability (Squarespace platform)
  • social media marketing proficiency (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • know basic photography and lighting; can take a picture or work a flipcam
  • excellent ability to read and follow instructions and processes
  • excellent customer service skills and genuine desire to help customers

There is lots of room for growth in this position into the fields of travel and event planning, webinar and online learning set-up and management, video production and blog building and maintenance, assisting in p.r. campaigns, website content management and development project management, and other online business development.

Preference will be given to candidates who tell me about any intuitive experiences they have had or how you feel about intuition. This business is extremely people oriented and you need to be emotionally sensitive to be able to understand the product and services that this business sells. If this is you, this can be a very fun job with something new all the time and the possibility of the position eventually becoming full-time and paid more if you have enough experience with IC. 


  • a constant learning curve and all the growth that comes with that
  • mentorship on how to start, grow, and run a business and a brand, marketing your services and much more with IC director Kate Opashinov. 
  • being a part of a rapidly growing organization with room for a future paid full-time position
  • perks: sitting in on some workshops and classes for free, IC resources for discount, free goodies and other intern perks
  • killer reference if you choose to go somewhere else and rocked it with us

Bonus! If you are also a Tech Wizard (see below) you are a shoe-in for the job and qualify for a larger paid position!

Interested? Email us your application and letter by clicking here. Please note: applications that do not follow the basic requirements outlined above under "Apply with:" will not be responded to.