Calendar of Intro Classes: 2015

Saturday, Jan 31: Intro to Shamanism
Monday, Feb 2: Easy Mindfulness Meditation            
Monday, Feb 9:  Transforming Anxiety                
Monday, Feb 16: 
Monday, Feb 23: Boundaries Make Everything Better               
Monday, March 2: How Intuition Works 
Monday, March 9: Productive Anger                
Monday, March 16: How To Let Go (for Happiness)    
Monday, March 23: Making Stuff Happen 
Monday, March 30: Finding Your Destiny
Monday, April 13: Love Yourself
Monday, April 20: 
Energetic Clearing

*Class dates being revised. Please check back tomorrow...


Intro to Shamanism: Jan 31, 10am-4pm

This full day workshop covers the brief introduction to the fascinating topic of shamanism and then the rest of the day is fun, hands-on exercises. Covered: evocation, connecting to nature spirits, powerson, sinking into the earth, journeying trance, shamanic view on illness and recovery of health and more. BONUS! Home practice shamanism cd! $55+hst


Easy Mindfulness Meditation: Feb 2, 7-9pm

Finally mindfulness meditation made easy! Gain all the benefits (emotional non-reactivity, inner peace, clarity of thought, expanded consciousness) plus an additional meditation technique specifically for de-stressing, for making your meditation easier, and as excellent foundation for intuition development. $14+hst



Transforming Anxiety: Feb 9, 7-9pm

What if you could harness your anxiety and turn it into productive, creative, flowing energy? Learn how to transform your stress or anxiety with lecture, discussion, exercises and hand-outs. Accompanying classes: “Meditation for Everyone”, “How Intuition Works”, “Boundaries Make Everything Better”. $14+hst



Boundaries Make Everything Better: Feb 23, 7-9pm

Spending lots of energy for little results? Being pushed around? Stronger and clearer personal boundaries will change all that. In this surprisingly fun, interactive workshop begin to dismantle years’ of habitually weak boundaries and rebuild conscious boundaries that are custom tailored to your life and watch everything get better and easier. Leave with a personalized roadmap of how to set your boundaries from the class on. $14+hst



How Intuition Works: Feb 23, 7-9pm

Learn how intuition works, how you can cultivate it, what handy applications it can have to everyday life, and surprise yourself with an in-class intuitive experience! $14+hst


Letting GO.jpg

Productive Anger: Mar 2, 7-9pm

We all get angry at some point but we rarely get productively, joyously angry. Learn how to transform anger into what it can be: a natural, healthy, helpful and surprisingly productive emotion. Included: lecture, exercises, technique, and handy take-home checklist in this hands-on fun, safe, workshop. Bring paper and pen to class and be prepared to participate. $14+hst



Letting Go (for Happiness): Mar 9, 7-9pm

Letting go is essential for the things we want in our life. It can be one of the most subtle and difficult things to do. In this course learn a technique for letting go physically, emotionally and mentally. Included: lecture, discussion, at home learning materials. $14+hst



Making Stuff Happen: Mar 16, 7-9pm

Learn the process, the blocks, and the energy source behind creating what you want in your life, frequently called manifesting. Finally get all those questions answered about why sometimes you seem to pull something out of thin air and why sometimes no matter how hard you try, you’re empty handed. $14+hst



Finding Your Destiny: Mar 23, 7-9pm

When you follow your true path, everything flows and life, work, love becomes joyful. In this fun, interactive class, you will learn how to determine and follow your path. Included: hand-outs 'The Top 5 Things That Block Your Path', 'The Getting on Your Path Check-List', and at home exercises to 'Clear Your Path'.  $14+hst



Love Yourself: Mar 30, 7-9pm

Wish you had more confidence? Feel sort of crummy about yourself? It's time to fall in love-  with you! Join this fun hands-on class with exercises and hand-outs and finally feel good about yourself! $14+hst


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