Intuitive Centre is committed to an inclusive environment and accessibility, welcoming all people regardless of age, sex, gender, orientation, ethnicity, belief, ability or anything else. We are committed to do everything within our power to make that possible at all times. Unfortunately, the premises of Intuitive Centre is an old building without the capacity to retrofit with an elevator or ramp for wheelchair accessibility.  Also, due to the diversity of our guests at Intuitive Centre and out of care for anyone who may be visiting us, please note that we cannot guarantee that the premises will be either scent-free or allergen-free. We have had a railing installed on our steep staircase to help our sight-impaired clients and those with physical disabilities or injuries who are still able to to climb stairs. 

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We also strive to be price accessible offering a variety of learning resources at a variety of price points, and we will be rolling out a lot of free learning resources through IC's founder Kate Opashinov's social media. To make sure you make the most of any promotions, free offerings, content giveaways etc, be sure to sign up for her newsletter in the email form here.

If you have any questions about access to our facilities, website, services, or information, please email us and we will do everything we can to welcome you to our community.