What Healing do I Need? Quiz

This quiz will help you evaluate what you need to heal and which learning module/s from the Intuition for Life Program will help you. Answer yes or no to the following questions and then count how many "yes" you have at the end of each of the nine modules and then read the description of the psychological defense mechanism and its healing at the end of each module. The quiz is testing which of modules 1-9 you could benefit from. Module 1 is a prerequisite for all the following modules and not about a specific defense mechanism but about your general outlook.

Module 1

1) When something happens that could be characterized as "bad" happens, do you think "This is an opportunity for change. How is this a manifestation of my internal reality?"?
2) When someone hurts your feelings do you think "How this behavior in them that offends me, live in me? How am I like them?"
3) When you feel lost in your life, or at least lost for an answer to some problem in your life, do you think "This problem is not a real problem. I can manifest any reality I want. So the real challenge is figuring out what I really want and then I can work on removing the obstacles to me obtaining it"?
4) When you feel emotionally vulnerable do you turn inwards and have faith in your own inner riches that the present vulnerability is merely an indication of what change your being is calling out forth?
5) Do you meditate or even pray daily? Some kind of getting honest with yourself regular practice?
6) Are you rarely tired, uninspired, lost, frustrated, numb, sad, lacking in confidence or self-love?

Count how many "yes" and if you had 2 or less, you would benefit from Module 1 which lays the foundation for all the other modules. In module 1, a new cognitive framework, a new perspective that is clear and liberating is outlined  in an easy-to-follow format along with learning tools and home supplementary tools to keep you track and help you develop a new habitual way of seeing the world, not just more positively, but with more clarity and empowerment. This perspective is based on mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and has at its heart spirituality that believes that we all have immense gifts and value to bring to the world, but we have to start with knowing ourselves and choosing our reality. Just this module alone can be profoundly illuminating.

Module 2

1) Do you struggle with meeting your own basic needs financially?
2) Are you living below or around the poverty line?
3) Are you jumping from job to job or you seriously underemployed?
4) Do you struggle with a weak immune system?
5) Do you have a cluttered home? Are you afraid to throw things out?
6) Do you have problems with your home's boundaries or security from racoons to intrusive family members? Anything violating the peace and sanctity of your home?
7) Do you feel anxious on a regular basis?
8) Do you startle or frighten easily?
9) Do you often daydream or get spacey?
10) Do you eat to feel grounded?
11) Do you feel not particularly connected to your body? Not feeding it, not exercising it, not supporting it, not feeling at home in it?
12) Do you keep to yourself? Do you have a small circle of friends and instead focus on ideas and solitary projects.

If you answered yes to four or more out of twelve of the above questions, then you will benefit from taking Module 2.

Module 2 is about survival, about establishing the foundations in life: security, food, money, job, health. Often people who need healing in this developmental stage struggle with these issues and and sometimes with the issues of Module 7. Healing this can help people feel more secure in their world, hold down a job or upgrade their job, learn to tolerate prosperity, become more present and grounded in their world, strengthen their immune systems, and learn not to hoard or overeat in a dysfunctional attempt at grounding, and can learn to establish more social connections, and best of all put all their wonderful creativity to use. This is the foundation of all the other energetic/psychological patterns of each module.

Module 3

1) Are you a big romantic?
2) Do you think love is the answer, that it is enough, or will answer all problems?
3) Do you still feel really connected to your Mom? Is she the one who comforts you?
4) Do you eat to soothe yourself or for comfort?
5) Do you feel guilty easily or often?
6) Do you fear/worry about/are sensitive to being abandoned?
7) Can you get needy? When in a relationship do you depend on your partner?
8) Are you an "addictive personality"?
9) Do you get easily overwhelmed by responsibilities and pressure?
10) When overwhelmed do you retreat to comfort and nurturing?
11) Do you get easily jealous?
12) Are giving and receiving gifts, especially for special occasions (birthdays etc.) really important to you?

If you answered yes to four or more out of twelve of the above questions, then you will benefit from taking Module 3.

Module 3 is about connection, pleasure, and interdependency. Often people who need healing in this developmental stage struggle with these issues and sometimes with the issues of Module 6. Healing this can help people learn how to love but also be independent and feel their own empowerment, have pleasure without attachment or addiction. Adults who heal this see an improvement in their finances, their relationships, and their sexuality. This pattern/developmental stage is where we learn more than how survive, but why we should survive: the pleasures of life.

Module 4

1) Are you really stuck in your life?
2) Are you reluctant to take risks in your life to make things potentially better?
3) Do you get sick often or have unexplainable or chronic illnesses?
4) Do you often get blamed for things that weren't your fault and/or scapegoated?
5) Do you have "bad luck"- prone to accidents, legal issues, health issues, etc.?
6) Is it really easy for you to gain weight or do you have chronically low/slow energy or metabolic issues?
7) Are you often considered "old reliable" by friends, family, coworkers?
8) Do you have issues with authority figures?
9) Are you often feel frustrated, complaining, and/or bitter?
10) Do find it difficult to trust people?
11) Do you often feel embarrassed, ashamed, or low self-esteem?
12) Is being respected really important to you?

If you answered yes to four or more out of twelve of the above questions, then you will benefit from taking Module 4.

Module 4 is about autonomy, power, action, an ability to be an agent of change in your own life, and manifestation. Often people who need healing in this developmental stage struggle with these issues and which can easily lead to a chronic, low-level depression. Healing this material can bring joy, activity, positive change, vitality, stamina, and even manifestation ability. This module helps with any blockages to coming into your full power and becoming the author of your own destiny.

Module 5

1) When challenged, do you feel like the best defense is a good offense?
2) Do you feel deep down that you are unworthy of love?
3) Do you feel like your worth is in your accomplishments (education, possessions, parenting)?
4) Are you competitive?
5) You're better than others and everything good you have, it's because of you, and you deserve it?
6) Only the best survive. By being “better” than you, I save me.
7) Others are lucky just to be near you since you are so fantastic, correct?
8) You often feel that people are judging you, competing against you, want to triumph over you, or rob you of your power?
9) "Big is better, better is better. Average is not good enough". Yes?
10) Do you often feel lonely, no matter how many friends, colleagues, business associates you have, no matter how popular you are?
11) Your body does what you tell it which is why you are in great health?
12) "Everybody uses everybody. That's the reality of the world and relationships. I'm just realistic about it." True?

If you answered yes to four or more out of twelve of the above questions, then you will benefit from taking Module 5.

Module 5 is about self-identity and self-love, about relating to others and empathy and what blocks these things from healthy development in the individual, what can be done to heal this, and what the benefits of healing this are. Often people who need healing in these issues end up being superficially very functional (successful career, money, accolades etc.) but seem to perpetually be struggling to either "arrive" or to maintain what they have fought so hard to obtain (ie. success), have few people that they can trust with their vulnerabilities, are often not understood or sympathized with and are consequently very lonely. Healing this material can bring trusting relationships and loyal friends who really understand and sympathize, can bring out natural leadership abilities in a way that is truly in service to those that are being lead, and bring out compassion to make a more well-rounded and genuinely attractive, likable person. This is the module that is central to being loved and loving.

Module 6

1) Do people often overlook/forget you or including your opinion/vote?
2) Do you fear contradicting others/ holding a different opinion or perspective and voicing it?
3) Do people often try to make decisions for you? Do you find it difficult to make a decision swiftly and with decisiveness?
4) Do your parents (or did they up until they passed) characterize you not as an adult, but as their child?
5) Do you currently or have you ever lived alone for an extended period of time?
6) Are you single and living with family (Mom, Dad, brother, sister- assuming you are in your 30s or older)?
7) Are you often the peace-maker in your family?
8) Are you afraid of conflict to the point of avoiding it (fearing an argument or hurt feelings)?
9) Are you underemployed and/or generally taken for granted at your work or even in your personal life?
10) Do you daydream about escaping (job, home, relationship) instead of actually taking decisive action?
11) Do you wish more than anything you knew your ideal place within the world, where you could be yourself, use your gifts, and flourish?
12) "I am here to serve others" feels true to me; yes?

If you answered yes to four or more out of twelve of the above questions, then you will benefit from taking Module 6.

Module 6 is about independence, finding your destiny and knowing it when you do, expressing your truest self and gifts in the world, having the world receive you with open arms and celebrate your gifts and being able to handle that kind of attention without being overwhelmed or disowning of them. Often people who need healing in this developmental stage struggle with issues of always giving but being taken for granted, are perpetually overlooked, and struggle with manifesting their independence and finding a job that has particular meaning to them in which they can find the acknowledgment they need for healing. Healing this material can bring these things, adult romantic relationships, a true vocation, and their own voice in their world. This is the module of making the world your oyster.

Module 7

1) Do you often feel anxious? Or would you if you were not on anti-anxiety medication?
2) Without your consistent managing efforts, would things around you rapidly spiral out of control?
3) Are you known for your caring attention to other people (helping them, giving them gifts, guiding them, doing things for them)?
4) Are you often the most responsible person involved in a situation?
5) When asked "How are you?", is your typical response "Fine" or something like that even when it's not instead of telling someone how you really emotionally feel?
6) Do you suffer with stiffness, joint pain, arthritis, or body aches due to tension?
7) Are you often very busy or scheduled, very organized, working a lot?
8) When overwhelmed (which may be often), are you prone to being critical of self or others?
9) Do you feel that no matter how much you do, it is never enough, because no one really sees how much you really do?
10) Are you a perfectionist? Are you always striving for better? You believe that "good enough" is not good enough?
11) Do you often feel that "Other people are slow/ childish/ incompetent so that's why I have to step in"?
12) Are you very home-centred, or domestically focused (decorating, family functions, cooking for everyone, renovating etc.)?

If you answered yes to four or more out of twelve of the above questions, then you will benefit from taking Module 7.

Module 7 is about authenticity, about being instead of doing, and fundamentally about acceptance. When the healthy development of this stage is thwarted, the resulting adult is tense, overly scheduled, overly worked, often under-joyed, under-sexed, and behaves like life is something to be managed instead of a daily gift full of surprises, Divine wisdom, and joy. When healed this developmental stage elevates us past the mundanities of daily chores and maintenance to the bigger creative vision afforded by being-ness, instead of mere doing-ness.  From this place, we can be immensely creative and playful, characterized by a soft-hearted acceptance and compassion for self and others.

Module 8

1) Do you get overwhelmed easily and when overwhelmed get scattered (late for appts., talking/ thinking all over the place, highly charged)?
2) Do you often get used to process other people's psycho-emotional material?
3) Do you often get betrayed?
4) Are you often or have you ever been not believed, told you are/were crazy for what you perceived?
5) Are you generally more sensitive (psychologically, emotionally, and/or physical) or perceptive than average?
6) When you are not heard or understood, do you just get louder and louder until you are screaming?
7) Do you have menstrual, hormonal, or immune system issues (allergies, rashes, frequently sick, adrenal fatigue etc.)?
8) Do you feel like you have all this unfulfilled, unnurtured potential and that you are doomed to never fulfill your potential?
9) Do you feel like you are only loved for how useful you are to people, as in, literally that they will use you (emotionally, sexually, even financially)?
10) Do you find sexual energy either overwhelming or confusing to the point where you find it difficult to maintain your boundaries (energetically, emotionally, or even sexually)?
11) Do you end up talking about yourself and/ or repeat yourself often because you think people aren't listening to or understanding you?
12) Do you often not know when people are hitting on you/ are sexually attracted to you? Are you socio-sexually clueless?

If you answered yes to four or more out of twelve of the above questions, then you will benefit from taking Module 8.

Module 8 is about clarity, perceptiveness, sensitivity, vision, spirituality, mojo (primal sexual energy that powers manifestation), even psychic ability. When the healthy development of this stage is thwarted, the resulting adult is sexually unsure or out of control, has a life marked by disorder and imbalance, and feels doomed to never fulfill their true potential or to never have their flavor of genius/ bloom of beauty of acknowledged and honored by the world. The adult with this wound also has a theme of not owning themselves, their bodies, their vision, or their gifts and so are often exploited by others and self-sacrificing resulting in a perpetual deficit. When healed this developmental stage can bring wisdom, maturity, balance, spiritual connection and guidance, sacred sexuality, being seen, acknowledged, and valued in the world for your vision. This is the module of spirituality, of connection the Divine within and without, of spiritual empowerment, and wonderment.


1) Want to know how to tell one defensive mechanism from another and which to heal first?
2) Want to know the function of emotions to make them work for you, and the healing arc so you can track how far you have come in your healing and foresee what is to come for you?
3) Want to know how all your new found gifts can be integrated into your new life?
4) Want to know signs of decay before it strikes so you can always be in a state of growth?
5) Want to know how to eliminate chronic health problems or at least get them back under your control?
6) Do you wonder about what makes other people tick and how that interacts with you?
7) Would you like to know how to bypass other people's defense mechanisms to bring out the best in them?
8) Would you like to have defenses to protect yourself and yet be able to let the good stuff in (like love, friendship, new experiences, growth)?
9) Would you like to develop compassion, even forgiveness for your parents, family, and anyone who has ever hurt you?
10) Would you like to see the world in a broader, deeper way than most around you?
11) Do you often feel that there is more to life, more depth, more understanding, more mystery, more "magic" and you want access to it?
12) Do you want a solid foundation for future learning in intuition and manifestation?

If you answered yes to four or more out of twelve of the above questions, then you will benefit from taking Level 1.  Module 9 is a synthesis of all the learning of the first eight modules but also giving you a broader perspective on issues of growth like the healing arc, how to approach your healing and growth in the most efficient way, and the signs of each stage of the life-death cycle and how to keep yourself in perpetual growth. This is the module that gives you a comprehensive view of yourself in your world, of how to integrate all the healing and learning you have done, and it is the best precursor to Level 2- Intuition. If you want to make your life bigger, Level 1 of Intuition for Life Program is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get there.